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Forward inrush current of over 12 times the rated current!A breakthrough in local automotive-grade S
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It is well known that the surge current capability is a key parameter in evaluating the high-current reliability of SiC diodes. SiC JBS diodes, featuring high-current density and small chip area, are generally suffering from reliability problems under high current. In order to improve the surge current capability of diodes, the structure of JBS is usually optimized, for example, by developing MPS products.

Novusem has recently announced a technological breakthrough. Its mass-produced enhanced SiC JBS has a forward surge current of over 12 times the rated current, showing a surge current capability comparable to that of SiC MPS.

What are the benefits brought by this product to such fields as PV generation, charging piles, DC-DC converters and OBC? What is its cost performance? On June 30, Novusem will hold a meeting in the form of "offline launch event + online live stream" for an in-depth introduction.

Mass Produced 1200 V EJBS, with Surge Current Capability Comparable to that of MPS

Novusem has already put its 1200 V SiC diode product "NovuSiC® EJBS™" series into mass production.

The EJBS, i.e. Enhanced Junction Barrier Schottky Diode, features an ultra-low leakage current through optimization of device structure and technology and gains a surge current capability equivalent to that of such similar products as SiC MPS. According to Novusem, it owns the independent intellectual property rights of the EJBS product.


To be specific, the forward surge current of this product is 12 times greater than its rated current. At 20 A, the VF is only 1.37 V, with only an ultra-low leakage current (2 μA) detected. The product may be delivered in various packaging forms and may be applied in PV generation, charging piles, industrial motor inverters, DC-DC converters and OBCs.


Dr. Gao, CTO of Novusem told the Third-Generation Semiconductor Trend that, "We have always been stuck to independent product R&D and have dedicated to improving product performance based on market demand. We are happy about the first-generation 1200 V SiC diodes, but discontent is the wheel that moves us forward. Since the company’s establishment two years ago, we have been committed to the R&D and testing of SiC diodes and MOS products. We have made technical breakthroughs, optimized the device structure, and improved the core technology. Now it seems that everything is worthwhile."

Dai Maozhou, CEO of Novusem said, "We prefer developing high-performance and high-reliability products that meet customer needs based on application scenarios in the market, instead of launching general-purpose products lacking in specific goals and application scenarios. We will make Novusem stand out with product performance data, as well as stable product quality and stable product supply. It is our mission to build Novusem into a trustworthy local SiC device company, and we will spare no effort to achieve this." 

SiC MOS Will Be Mass-produced in June, and a New Product Launch Event Will Be Held

Founded in December 2019, Novusem devotes to the design and development of SiC power devices in Sichuan Province.

In Novusem, there is an international team that has mastered the core technologies of SiC diodes. This team involves advanced SiC manufacturing platforms in Taiwan and Europe as well as the packing, testing, and application solutions in mainland China. Thus, a complete supply chain is established, conforming to IATF16949 quality management standards, and covering raw materials, epitaxy, wafer manufacturing, packaging, and testing. Based on this foundation, Novusem has independently developed world-leading automotive-grade SiC devices independently.

At present, Novusem possesses two SiC product series, namely the cost-effective "NovuSiC®" series and the highly reliable "DuraSiC®" series, including SiC EJBS diodes and SiC MOSFETs. In 2022, Novusem will put its SiC MOSFET into mass production.

For the future, Novusem is expecting more investment into the research and development of automotive-grade diodes (1700 V and 3300 V), MOSFETs, and SiC modules, to cater to the market demands for high-performance and high-reliability power semiconductor devices of new energy vehicles and high-end industries.

In the meantime, Novusem is also working on independent design and development of silicon-based products, including ideal MCRs® (MOS-Controlled Rectifiers) and FRMOSs (Fast Recovery MOSFETs) with a high junction temperature of up to 175 ̊C. These products are widely used in industrial control power supplies, industrial motors, PV inverters, energy storage, charging piles and new energy vehicles.

The MCR series products, based on independent intellectual property rights held by Novusem, are ideal silicon-based diodes with high withstand voltage, ultra-low leakage current (at nA level), low forward voltage and high junction temperature. The MCR series can be applied in industrial power supplies, portable energy storage, PV, and other fields.


Novusem will hold a new product launch event in June to present its mass-produced NovuSiC® EJBS™ series and to brief participants on the Company’s technical strengths and its future trajectory. We hope to see you there!

New Office, New Image: Novusem Officially Moves into its New Home /attachment/images/2023/03/27/image_1679904485_fljZ397D.jpg At the end of 2022, the new office project of Novusem was officially delivered and a move-in ceremony was held. 2023-03-27 Forward inrush current of over 12 times the rated current!A breakthrough in local automotive-grade S /attachment/images/2022/11/08/image_1667901225_T7chsasS.jpg The mass-produced NovuSiC® EJBS™ has a forward inrush current of over 12 times the rated current. 2022-10-18 Novusem’s Pre-A round of financing complete successfully NovuSiC MOSFET will be unveiled at the end /attachment/images/2022/08/18/image_1660787715_n2E5CxbB.jpg Novusem—the high-tech enterprise focusing on the design and development of SiC power devices, completed Pre-A round of financing. 2022-08-18 Novusem Signs Long-term Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Taiwan's Episil /attachment/images/2023/02/24/image_1677220754_TZdDJVk3.jpg Episil will provide Novusem with access to its SiC process platform, giving top priority to Novusem's OEM products. 2023-03-27 Novusem Certified as a High-tech Enterprise /attachment/images/2022/12/09/image_1670553947_ZB2WxD25.jpg Novusem has been successfully certified as a high-tech enterprise in 2022, which is both an honor and a motivational force. 2023-03-27