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Novusem’s Pre-A round of financing complete successfully NovuSiC MOSFET will be unveiled at the end
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In August 2022, Novus Semiconductors Co., Ltd. (Novusem), the fast growing young enterprise dedicated in the design and development of wide-bandgap semiconductor silicon carbide power devices, completed its Pre-A round of financing. This financing was led by Wedo Capital, followed by Shaanxi Sanyuan Hangke Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership), Nanjing Taihua Equity Investment Management Center (Limited Partnership), and other institutions.

Founded in December 2019, Novusem has a complete supply chain certified by IATF 16949 and an experienced international team. At the end of June 2022, Novusem released its self-developed SiC NovuSiC® EJBS™ with a maximum surge current capability of over 12 times its rated current and the ideal silicon-based MCR® diode series products with a high junction temperature of up to 175°C and a nA-level leakage current.

At 20 A, NovuSiC® EJBS™ has a VF of 1.37 V and a leakage current of less than 2μA. Additionally, it can withstand a power of 288 W and a current of up to 26 A, bringing more cost-effective solutions for business with higher requirements in reliability, such as PV and DC fast charging. MCR® products have the advantages of stable high-temperature performance and high surge current capability, and are suitable for medium and low voltage(150 V~600 V) applications. In the fields of energy storage and LED lighting, Novusem’s products will further help customers improve product performance and reduce power consumption.

On August 30, Novusem will hold an online new product launch event to release two NovuSiC® MOSFETs, (G1) and (G2), and its silicon-based FR MOSFET.

"Power for the Future"- Novusem's SiC New Product Launch Event end successfully /attachment/images/2022/07/04/image_1656903128_cK1DODYk.jpg Novusem held a product launch to debut NovuSiC® EJBS™ and the Silicon-based MCR® diode series. 2022-07-04 Novusem Signs Long-term Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Taiwan's Episil /attachment/images/2023/02/24/image_1677220754_TZdDJVk3.jpg Episil will provide Novusem with access to its SiC process platform, giving top priority to Novusem's OEM products. 2023-03-27 New Office, New Image: Novusem Officially Moves into its New Home /attachment/images/2023/03/27/image_1679904485_fljZ397D.jpg At the end of 2022, the new office project of Novusem was officially delivered and a move-in ceremony was held. 2023-03-27 NovuSiC® MOSFET Officially Released /attachment/images/2022/09/28/image_1664337083_v3qfkfiQ.jpg Novusem rolled out NovuSiC® MOSFET (G1) and announced the mass production schedule of G2. 2023-03-27 Novusem’s Pre-A round of financing complete successfully NovuSiC MOSFET will be unveiled at the end /attachment/images/2022/08/18/image_1660787715_n2E5CxbB.jpg Novusem—the high-tech enterprise focusing on the design and development of SiC power devices, completed Pre-A round of financing. 2022-08-18