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New Office, New Image: Novusem Officially Moves into its New Home
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At the end of 2022, the new office project of Novus Semiconductors Co., Ltd. (Novusem) was officially delivered and a move-in ceremony was held.

Dai Maozhou, Chairman and General Manager of Novusem, delivered a speech. He said we, Novusem, had started from the foreign-funded power semiconductor incubator in the Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, and after three years' hard work and development, we finally settled in the UESTC Science Park. This could not have been possible without the enterprising efforts made by the staff and the sincere cooperation of the other two founders.

He pointed out that 2022 was a very critical year for Novusem. In 2022, we released new silicon-based MCR (MOS-Controlled Rectifier), SiC EJBS (Enhanced Junction Barrier Schottky), and MOSFET in June and September, respectively. We also participated in the electronica South China held in Shenzhen in November. Besides, the inauguration of the Shenzhen Office and the new headquarters marked a new beginning for Novusem to remain committed to technological advancement and market orientation.

Wang Ping, General Manager of the UESTC Science Park, attended the ceremony. She warmly congratulated Novusem on the settlement and expressed her best wishes for our continued success. She also hoped that Novusem, as well as our partners and colleagues, would experience growth and development together.

Novusem's new office site is located in the UESTC Science Park in Shuangliu District, Chengdu. Spanning an area of more than 1,000 square meters, it is equipped with a testing laboratory, a reliability laboratory, a failure analysis laboratory, an application laboratory, and a dust-free clean workshop, all of which will serve as a powerful support for product development and design.

In the future, Novusem will remain true to our founding principles of "being realistic and earnest" and provide comprehensive application solutions for PV inverters, energy storage, EV charging, on-board chargers (OBCs), and automotive electronics. We will be committed to offering stable and reliable products with superior performance to satisfy demand and create value for our customers.

UESTC establishes an engineering practice education base at Novusem /attachment/images/2023/03/13/image_1678685203_BAI8KEOk.jpg the School of Integrated Circuit Science and Engineering of UESTC and Novusem signed the Talent Strategic Cooperation Agreement. 2023-03-27 NovuSiC® MOSFET Officially Released /attachment/images/2022/09/28/image_1664337083_v3qfkfiQ.jpg Novusem rolled out NovuSiC® MOSFET (G1) and announced the mass production schedule of G2. 2023-03-27 Novusem Signs Long-term Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Taiwan's Episil /attachment/images/2023/02/24/image_1677220754_TZdDJVk3.jpg Episil will provide Novusem with access to its SiC process platform, giving top priority to Novusem's OEM products. 2023-03-27 "Power for the Future"- Novusem's SiC New Product Launch Event end successfully /attachment/images/2022/07/04/image_1656903128_cK1DODYk.jpg Novusem held a product launch to debut NovuSiC® EJBS™ and the Silicon-based MCR® diode series. 2022-07-04 Forward inrush current of over 12 times the rated current!A breakthrough in local automotive-grade S /attachment/images/2022/11/08/image_1667901225_T7chsasS.jpg The mass-produced NovuSiC® EJBS™ has a forward inrush current of over 12 times the rated current. 2022-10-18